• Spring Hours

    March 15th thru April 15th
    8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday
    9am to 4pm Saturday
    Starting  April 1st
    10am to 2pm Sunday

  • Summer Hours

    April 16th thru September 30th
    8am to 8pm  Monday thru Sunday
  • Fall Hours

    October 1st thru October 30th
    8am to 6pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday
    10am to 2pm  Sunday
  • Winter Hours

    November 1st Thru March 15th
    9am to 4pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday


  • Water Level/Temp June 15, 2019

  • LakePool ElevOutflow CFS
    Berlin:1025.28 280*
    Lake Milton:947.40 430
  • *(7,560,000 gallons per hour)

  • Berlin boating norms 1020-1026 (Good boating with minimum caution)
    1020 and below are still good boating levels but be aware of the shore line.

  • Water Level Norms for Berlin:
    Summer Max Pool1024.0
    Full Pool1031.3
    Winter Max Pool1015.9
    Min Pool979.3
  • Water Level Norms for Lake Milton:
    Summer Max Pool947.4
    Full Pool950.4
    Winter Max Pool939.4
    Min Pool929.4
  • Water Temp June 15 2019Est. Water temp is 68 degrees.