• Spring Hours

    March 15th thru April 15th
    8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday
    9am to 4pm Saturday
    Starting  April 1st
    10am to 2pm Sunday

  • Summer Hours

    April 16th thru September 30th
    8am to 8pm  Monday thru Sunday
  • Fall Hours

    October 1st thru October 30th
    8am to 6pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday
    10am to 2pm  Sunday
  • Winter Hours

    November 1st Thru March 15th
    9am to 4pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday


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  • Inboard, I/O - Basic Dewinterization

    Cylinder Qty Cost Notes
    4 Cylinder $158.00 ***Plus the cost of spark plugs***
    6 Cylinder $172.00 ***Plus the cost of spark plugs***
    8 Cylinder $184.00 ***Plus the cost of spark plugs***
  • Includes- Check all fluids--Charge & connect battery--Change spark plugs--Check condition of all bellow--Pressure test lower unit--Inspect anodes--Change gear lube--Lake or Dyno test.

  • "A" - Oil & Filter Change
        Oil & Filter change ONLY                                         $158.00
        Oil & Filter change w/basic dewinterization              $116.00

    "B" - Tune-Up
    Includes - Cap, Rotor, Points, Condenser, Computer Diagnostics, Check & adjust timing, Set Carb
    1989 and older                        $ 95.00
    1990 and older                        $ 74.00

    "C" - Trailer Maintenance
    Includes - Clean & Inspect bearings, races, and seals - Repack bearings - Test run - Check operating temp - Check brake operation - Check trailer lights & minor wiring repairs

  • w/Pkg Axle QtyAlonew/Pkg
    1 Axle$126.00$168.00
    2 Axle$168.00$230.00
    3 Axles$220.00$273.00
    ***Plus Parts & Shop Supplies***
  • (Parts may include bearings, seals, grease, cotter pins, wire, and lights as required)

    "D" - Outdrive Service
    Includes - Remove drive unit--Check & correct engine alignment--Inspect coupler splines--Inspect & lube U-joints--Pressure check drive unit--Change gear lube--Install new gaskets & O-rings--Reinstall drive unit.
                            I & Alphas                                   $168.00
                            Bravos/King Cobras                  $ 210.00
                            OMC Electric                             $ 268.00

    "E" - Full Service Outdrive Package
    Includes - Replace all bellows (U-join, exhuast, and shift cable)--Replace shift cable, gimbal bearing, & cooling water intake hose--Inspect & lube U-jopints & shaft--Change gear lube--Inspect/replace water pump impeller--Replace gaskets & O-rings--Check engine alignment--Inspect propeller.
                               Alpha I                           $ 750.00
                               Alpha Gen2                   $ 770.00
                               Bravo                            $ 832.00
    FYI:  Many insurance companies will no longer cover the cost of recovery and repair if a boat sinks as a result of leaky bellows!  Bellows should be replaced every 3-4 years.

    Includes - Charge battery--Change gear lube--Change spark plugs--Pressure test lower unit--Dyno or Lake test.
                               2 & 3 Cylinger                    $ 100.00
                               V-4 & Up                            $ 137.00
                               Ficht                                   $ 137.00
    ***Plus the cost of spark plugs***


    Must be quoted individually

    Includes - Decarbonize engine--Replace points & condeser or run Ignition test--Clean, lap & retorque flywheel--Check timing and sync & lync adjustment--Check engine with pyrometer--Check oil injection system.                          
                               70 hp and Under                   $ 42.00
                               Over 70 hp                            $ 63.00
                              ***Plus the cost of oil and filter***
    Any boat that is to be launched and put at its dock will be charged a $20.00 tie-up fee.  If there are not adequate mooring lines in the boat they will be provided at the owner's expense.

    To avoid additional storage fees, boats must be removed or scheduled for service no later then April 15, 2017.