• Spring Hours

    March 15th thru April 15th
    8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday
    9am to 4pm Saturday
    Starting  April 1st
    10am to 2pm Sunday

  • Summer Hours

    April 16th thru September 30th
    8am to 8pm  Monday thru Sunday
  • Fall Hours

    October 1st thru October 30th
    8am to 6pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday
    10am to 2pm  Sunday
  • Winter Hours

    November 1st Thru March 15th
    9am to 4pm  Monday thru Friday
    9am to 2pm  Saturday


  • Fishing & Hunting

  • What do I need to do to get my fishing/hunting license?

  • All you need to get your license is valid ID, your previous license, or your last name and Social Security number.

    ***If you are under 21 and have never had a hunting license, you must provide proof that you have taken a Hunter Safety Course.


    Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Natural Resources Links

    Fishing Regulations

    Fishing Basics

    Fishing Maps

    Fishing Tips by Species

    Live Bait is here !!

    Small minnows, medium minnows, crawlers and wax worms.  Stop in and get them while they are fresh!